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This site is updated regularly, and on this page you'll find some of the newest photos and highlights in the database. For more photos you might find the Latest Images and Image Search pages useful. Most of the pictures are made at Zurich Airport, but also some other airports around Europe are visited from time to time. All photos displayed herein are protected by international copyright laws and remain the property of the respective photographer. No photo may be used for any other means than private viewing without the express written consent of the publisher and/or individual photographer. This is strictly enforced.

Zürich 2012

Images taken at Zürich Airport in 2012. Zurich Airport offers a lot of very good opportunities for the enthusiast to take pictures from. Mayby it is one of the best place in Europe.

Antalya 2012

Images taken at Antalya Airport in 2012. This place is the largest destination for Russian tourists outside of their country

Zürich 2011

Images taken at Zürich Airport in 2011. Zurich Airport offers a lot of very good opportunities for the enthusiast to take pictures from. Mayby it is one of the best place in Europe.

Fort Lauderlade January 2011

FLL is just a short hop-skip-and-jump up the road from MIA, about 25 miles. When you're in the Miami area you should plan on visiting FLL also. It's true that you won't find the heavies and as many international carriers at FLL as at MIA, but the traffic is very interesting. It's a hub for all the low-fare airlines so you're sure to see lots of Spirit, JetBlue and Southwest action.

Tips to improve your aviation photography

Since their invention, aircrafts have always influenced people’s life. Due to their fantastic technology, purpose and the romantic concept of flying, airplanes have impressed lots of persons who made aviation photography their hobby. Whether you capture photos of them across the Zürich sky or you go to an airport for a close up, you will surely discover that there are numerous things you can explore. Take your friends with you and spend some of the best moments together.

One of the most important elements you should take in consideration is the camera gear. For an amazing image of your favorite model, it is essential that you use a camera with an excellent quality, batteries, lens, and memory cards. Make sure you know your equipment and that it is always in check because you may never know when you might find a good photo opportunity. Avoid blur pictures and set the shutter speed according to the plane’s pace.

Another thing you should keep in mind is that the sun should always stay behind you unless your intention is the artistic effect of a silhouette. Also, good aviation photography has a great composition. You must pay attention to details and get as close as possible to the flying machines. If you crave interesting activities do not spend your entire summer day with entertainment and go to an airshow for some fun or learn from workshops.

There are cases when you cannot get as close to an aircraft as you would like. In times like this you can still catch finer details if you use zoom lenses. Like many other skills, with continuous practice you can improve tremendously. Take pictures every day no matter if you do it with a professional camera or your cellphone. You can plan a trip to an open field near the airport and get more experience about framing.

Let your passion for planes turn your photos into work of arts. As same perspectives can get boring in photography, you should change your angle whenever you find a better view. Challenge yourself and try different altitudes for your prints. Regardless if you use a ladder for a perfect snapshot, or you get on your knees for a good low angle, these things will change the way your work looks. Take fabulous shots and constantly mix various heights.

Motion is a remarkable factor when it comes to plane pictures. Even if they are parked or fly through the air, you should make sure your shots express movement. Because in everyone’s imagination airplanes are always in motion, you can simulate that with an illustration that is taken from a low point. This way, people will think the plane is moving because they can see underneath it and more of the sky.

Aviation photography is a wonderful way of relaxation because it can combine the love for photography with the one for the aviation industry. You can enjoy your time with like-minded individuals and explore all the places you can find for a good photo session. Take pleasure in the beauty of flying and let it challenge you every day. Instill the same passion in your children and have fun together. Follow the best tips and improve your aviation photography!